A Video Camera Pipe Inspection is very useful in determining problems in your Sewer Lines. Roots growing in the Sewer Line is a common cause of issues in your Main Sewer Line and Drainage Pipes, and one of main causes of failing sewer line and septic systems. An Excavating NJ video camera pipe inspection expert can quickly diagnose the extent of your root sewer problem and be able to implement a cost effective solution and sewer line repair.

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  • Underground sewer line repair & sewer replacement
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Sewer pipes are an essential part when it comes getting rid of your waste water and bringing fresh water in. Getting a leak in one of the sewer pipes or your sewer line, it can not only be very inconvenient, it can also cause significant damage. There is no time to waste when it comes to fixing your broken sewer line. It has to be done quickly, and the first step is to accurately locate the source of the problem.

Sewer Camera Inspection has made it possible for New Jersey and Northern NJ technicians to find the source of the leak quickly and before it creates catastrophic damage. This cutting edge technology lets Excavating NJ technicians look inside your home’s drain and sewer system to find the cause of a blockage, check for cracks, and find the source of leaks.

Call Excavating NJ to talk to one of our sewer line camera inspection experts at the first sign of a problem. We have provided professional sewer line inspections for the eastern Northern NJ and New Jersey area for many years, and our technicians are very skilled detecting and sewer line repair many different types of sewer line repair and drain problems.

We offer Emergency Repair Services and we can have a truck in your area in unprecedented time, so call us any time you think you have a problem with your sewer pipe system


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