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Backed up drains are a part of owning a home or business. Even if you do your best to keep your drains and sewer lines clear, you can’t always guarantee that it’ll work. Excavating NJ is here to provide the sewer line repair you need for your Denver home when you need it. All of our drain cleaning equipment is top of the line and our professional experts and ready to tackle any problem you and your home may face via one of the many services we provide.



Slow Drains

Our best advice when it comes to slow drains is to call Excavating NJ as soon as you notice that something isn’t right. Unchecked slow drains lead to clogged drains. Common warning signs of a slow drain include water backing up in the sink, tub, or shower. The cause of this problem can be as simple as hair or gunk build-up in the drain or as complicated as incorrect pipe gravity flow, drain vent issues, or problems with overflow tubes. No matter the problem, Excavating NJ has the tools and knowledge to take care of the problem.



Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are annoying, but luckily they are a problem that is easily solved. Whether it’s your toilet, sink, shower, or sewer line that’s the problem, we’re happy to send a technician over to fix it. In fact, your toilets, sinks, and tubs share the same drain, a small clog can become big if not dealt with quickly, otherwise it could affect your entire home.

Whether you’re interested in resolving an existing problem or want to flush your entire system, give Excavating NJ a call today and schedule an appointment.


Excavating NJ Testimonials

Charles Thomas
2014-06-19, 09:42
We bought the house late 2013 and love the area. The team at Excavating NJ were an interesting mix to work with and they got the job done in an … read more
Home Owner
2018-01-30, 19:04
I was in the process of selling my home and the septic inspection determined that 40% of my system was working due to its age of 39 yrs. I Excavating … read more
Kenneth Croatman
2014-07-25, 08:03
Every homeowner lives in abject fear of a huge job like a septic replacement, and I was certainly no different. Excavating NJ was recommended by … read more



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