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Excavating NJ™ has the experience and skilled operators to do any excavation work you may need. We do trenching for sewer lines, water line installation, gas line replacement and downspout drain lines.

We are experts in septic system installations and repairs.

We are more than just an excavating company, we are excavation solution providers and can do other excavating work where a highly skilled operators are required. Call today for more info, 973-702-0655.

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  • We are a locally owned and operated small business, located in Northern New jersey
  • We have been in the excavation business for almost 20 years
  • We provide excavation for septic systems, sewer connections, foundations, site work, etc.
  • We are fully licensed, insured and bonded
  • We strive to deliver affordable and competitive prices, and we offer a 1 year warranty
  • We Are Excavating Experts
  • We Are Organized
  • We Are Responsive
  • We Are Reliable
  • We Are Experienced
  • We Are Cost Effective
  • We Are Septic and Sewer Experts



Excavating NJ Testimonials

Rick and Teri Andrews
2018-01-03, 09:41
Despite the tight constraints of space and maneuverability, Mike and his team were able to meet the difficult septic installation challenge with … read more
Home Owner
2018-01-30, 19:04
I was in the process of selling my home and the septic inspection determined that 40% of my system was working due to its age of 39 yrs. I Excavating … read more
Kenneth Croatman
2014-07-25, 08:03
Every homeowner lives in abject fear of a huge job like a septic replacement, and I was certainly no different. Excavating NJ was recommended by … read more

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