Excavating and Installations



Excavating and Installations



Excavating and Installations


Risers and Lids 


Installation of effluent filters
  • Replace cracked or broken septic tank lids
  • Replace or install septic tank risers
  • Repair or replace pumps and float switches
  • Repair broken inlet or outlet PVC piping
Septic tanks come in a variety of materials, shapes and configurations, although, they are all functionally the same. Older tanks are metal and require replacement once corrosion sets in. Newer tanks are concrete, plastic or fiberglass with risers and lids for inspection. Regardless of the configuration or material, repairing risers and lids is more cost effective than purchasing a septic tank.
Risers come in various height increments and diameter. Depending how deep your septic tank or pump tank is under ground dictates how many risers you will need.

Risers sit on top of the septic or pump tank and allow easy access for pump and float switch repairs as well as regular cleaning and pumping. Septic tank lids are usually buried 2 to 3 feet or more below the surface.

Older septic tank are at least 3 feet below the surface and it was the best way to ensure safety. Modern risers are secure and safe, and without them maintenance would be more difficult and time consuming.

NOTE: Septic tank risers are normally installed in pairs. If you only have one, riser already installed then it is most likely a pressurized system. A single riser is required for accessing the pump chamber for this type of system. If you don’t have two additional risers, you should locate your septic tank and install risers for both the inlet and outlet openings. 

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