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Septic Distribution Box

The distribution box on a septic system is a fairly rugged septic system component and difficult to damage. Age decay, heavy traffic over the area or someone digging in the wrong place can cause significant damage to the D-BOX and it will need to be replaced or repaired. This will return your septic system to an optimum performance level.

A septic system and many components however, the distribution box is one of the single most important components of a septic system. It directly affects the system’s S.A.S. or septic field. The distribution box performs one important function, it equally divides the liquids exiting from the tank throughout the entire septic field (S.A.S.). When the D-BOX is functioning properly it will prevent liquids from overloading one side of the septic field area and in time that  will cause the septic field fail prematurely.

Repair the Distribution Box on a Septic System

Distribution box repairs or replacements are a common service that Excavating NJ™ offers. Most common reason is because they are made from a thinner pre-cast concrete than the tanks are made from. The hostile environment within a septic system is made up of hazardous gases and constant moisture and that can certainly aid and accelerate the decay and overall break down of the distribution box’s structure.

If the distribution box is not water tight or leaking, it will allow effluent to leak out into the surrounding soils or groundwater before reaching the septic field, therefore becoming a potential threat to the environment and public safety.

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